This article is intended exclusively for men from 40 years old. Unfortunately, after the mark of 40 years, our body is slowly but surely beginning to move into a phase of self-destruction. This concerns nine out of ten men. Who would not say, and old age is a disease. And the disease must be fought. And win. We will talk about one of the components of this struggle today.

Of course, a competent daily routine, proper nutrition and regular exercise in the gym are strictly necessary to keep afloat. Yes, here’s the problem, men. Hormonal background in solid age cannot be supported by physiological methods alone. Somehow, of course you can, but in order to feel forever young, this is clearly not enough. Replacement therapy with hormonal drugs is strictly necessary (my personal opinion).

Here’s how to properly organize it, we now figure it out. Just warning right away. This article is to help those who just want to look good and feel at least well in sports for themselves and in everyday life. The dream of being King – Kong after 40 years is unreal (of course, if you haven’t become one before).

What we need to adjust:

  • Total Testosterone Level;
  • Globulin level;
  • Growth Hormone (growth hormone);
  • Increased resistance (muscle cell immunity) to insulin;
  • Synthetic assistants.

Before you start I will say the following. Before interfering with your body, it would be nice to be tested for the above hormonal parameters. And according to the results, correct the process. Although, in truth, everything that will be said below (with the exception of the last point) will definitely improve the quality of life of veterans of life. And VERY MUCH.

TESTOSTERONE. The best choice would be one of the long esters. According to my observations, age athletes respond best to testosterone enanthate and Omnadren mixture of esters – 250. Just remember, if you start to put dough from the outside, then this should be done to the last feature! In the second half of your life, your hormonal system can no longer cope with the restoration of natural testosterone levels almost certainly. There are exceptions, and not so, that would be very small. But sooner or later, swings with the endocrine system end very badly at a respectable age. And no PCT will help.

As for dosages, 250-500 mg per week will be sufficient. Dough is our main assistant. Without him, as without hands. As for the other anabolic steroids, in my opinion, they are not needed. But if you really want to grow a little bit, then boldenone and methenolone enanthate (Primobolan) are relatively painless.

As for any pills (with one exception, which I will say below), they should be excluded. The same applies to progestins (nandrolone, trenbolone) and stanozolol injections (Winstrol). The only steroid that can be used to get a good shape before the summer is Drostanolone Propionate (Masteron). But also undesirable due to the ability of the latter to dehydrate the body.

Mesterolon (Proviron). The fact is that it is free testosterone that is active, and not common at all. And with age, the level of globulin binding steroid hormones increases significantly. So, with all the obscenity Proviron, he has one useful quality. He is able to significantly increase the level of free testosterone, by competitive adherence to globulin and reduce the activity of the latter. It is Proviron that is the exception from oral AAS, which was mentioned above.

The scheme of application is as follows. During our perpetual course of testosterone, every two months we eat 50 mg (two tablets) of mesterolone for ten / twelve days. And problems with globulin (its excess in the body) you can not see.

SOMATROPIN (Growth Hormone). What usually gives a person in age? Right. Skin, joints and ligaments, memory. So, it is HGH that will help solve this problem at a time. Naturally, on an ongoing basis. And it must be an exceptionally high-quality product. No underground, but only a state-certified pharmaceutical product. In addition, it will additionally protect your muscle tissue and prevent fat from accumulating on the waist and hips.

Dosages 4-6 IU (and by no means more). Divide the daily dose into two injections. We put the first one and a half hours before the workout, and the second one hour and a half after it. On non-training days, the first injection is just before breakfast, and the second is an hour before dinner. The only negative is the price. Already very expensive drug. But after 40, he becomes invaluable (and for women, by the way, too).

METFORMIN (Siofor). It is this last point that I consider exceptional, but not for everyone. With age, a minority of men experience an increase in insulin resistance (immunity). The most interesting thing is that this immunity concerns precisely the muscles. Adipose tissue is not such a disease never suffers. This is manifested in the following. It seems that a person regularly trains, observes all the canons of fitness nutrition, does not abuse alcohol, does not smoke. A fat every year everything is added and added. This is where Metformin is designed to help. This drug works great with this problem by actively reducing this very resistance. Here only to find out resistance, to appoint doses and duration of reception of the given medicine, in advanced age, the QUALIFIED doctor the endocrinologist is obliged.