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Why newcomers and teenagers should not take anabolic steroids?

Now get anabolic quite easily. There are a lot of online stores where you choose the product you need, pay for it and in 1 – 2 weeks go to the post office to pick up the package. And it costs, as a rule, cheaper sports nutrition. For example, 100 tablets of methane will cost only 600 – 700 rubles. And you buy a lot of protein for the money? A maximum of 1 kg, which will eat in 10 days.

In addition, the ban on the storage and distribution of anabolic steroids (in Russia) gives rise to general illiteracy on this issue. What also causes unhealthy interest in the fragile minds of adolescents. So it turns out that anabolics are a mystery covered in darkness, but they are also cheap and easy to get.

Personally, I take steroids quite loyally. That is, I believe that in some cases, taking anabolic steroids is not something that is possible, but simply necessary. But these cases absolutely do not affect beginners and teenagers.

From 14 to 18 years of age, people experience puberty. That is, the body begins to rebuild on the “adult” rails. A hormonal system is being formed. If during this period a teenager starts taking steroids, then hormones will be ingested from the outside. This knocks down the work of its own hormonal system in both adults and adolescents.

But the big difference is that in adults the hormonal system has already been fully configured. That is, there is a so-called “point of reference”, where the body eventually returns after the end of the “course.” Moreover, this “reference point” is a fully formed hormonal system (in adults).

In adolescents, too, after the end of the “course,” the body returns to its original “reference point”. But it is not fully formed hormonal system. Since man intervened in this system at the stage of its formation.

So, such an intervention in adolescence can cause an imbalance of your hormonal system for life. These can be chronic problems with potency, libido and with everything testosterone is responsible for in our body.

For beginners

Suppose you are already 22 years old, and for the first time you decide to start swinging. It seems the hormonal system is already formed. And in this regard, there is no crime. Chemical on health. But not everything is so simple. Remember the simple truth:

The sooner you start using anabolic steroids, the less results you will achieve in the end.

I will give an example. Let’s say you have a racing car. In which there is nitrous oxide (like so called) for 20 seconds of work. The maximum speed of the car is 200 km / h. And if you turn on this nitrous oxide at a speed of 200 km / h, you can accelerate to 240 km / h. And what happens if you cut this dope right from the start? When you reach a speed of 200 km, the nitrogen is already over. And you will drive 200 km / h, although you could drive 240 km / h. But this did not happen only because you used doping too early.

I think that now everything has become clear to you

Before you start using steroids, you should get to your maximum results without them.

And this, as a rule, takes at least 3 to 4 years of constant training.

By the way, several experiments were conducted in the States. They gave anabolic steroids to two groups of people. One group is professional athletes, and the other is beginners. So, the increase in strength and mass of the professionals was very good. And newbies are several times worse. This suggests that anabolic steroids will work much worse on an untrained body.


Personally, in my room there are people who use anabolics. And I’m fine with that. But these are either professional athletes who set a goal to fulfill the standard of the master of sports. Either these are people who are over 20 years old and who have been training for 6–10 years naturally and have rested against their “ceiling”. For example, I myself. But I was trained without steroids for 14 years! And if a teenager comes up to me and asks “Where can I get anabolic steroids?”, I reply: “You need to get the brains, not anabolics.”

What to do before the first course of steroids?

This question is asked all the athletes who decide to start taking anabolic steroids. How best to conduct the first course? Unambiguous recommendations can not be given, since for each person the choice should be different.

To begin with, you should definitely make sure that the use of AAS (androgen-anabolic steroids) makes sense to you.

1. That is, your growth potential without steroids should be completely or almost completely exhausted. In this case, steroids will give much better returns. Getting closer to the genetic limit in less than three years of correct, productive training is not possible.

2. Also, do not take hormones until the moment when the hormonal profile (levels of the main hormones) becomes stable. This happens after the end of puberty, and not before 19-21 years. This is necessary in order for the endocrine (hormonal) system to quickly and confidently return to its original state after discontinuation.

Before you begin the first course of steroids, you need to carry out the preparatory work. Buy steroids you can here on our site.


To do this, you must pass tests for prolactin, estrogen, dihydrotestosterone, progesterone and testosterone, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormones.

These tests are your hormonal profile. And it is necessary that the body can come to this initial state if you decide to permanently or permanently stop taking steroids.

Also, based on these analyzes, you can predict in advance how steroids will act on you, and what side effects are more likely.

Prolactin and progesterone

The higher the prolactin and / or progesterone, the more severe the side effects associated with progestogenic activity will be. These side effects consist in a greater set of water, fat and muscles, decreased libido, increased irritability, and strong suppression of the production of endogenous (own) testosterone. Only three drugs have progestogenic activity: nandrolone, trenbolone, oxymetalone.


Elevated estrogen suggests a stronger aromatization. Aromatization is the process of transforming androgens into estrogens through the action of the aromatase enzyme secreted by the liver. Thus, if you have strong aromatization, the side effects of testosterone and methandienone will be stronger.

The activity of estrogen caused by such side effects as the accumulation of water and fat. With high concentration and long duration of exposure, there is a risk of breast growth of the female type (gynecomastia). However, flavoring is not always evil. Water recruitment is beneficial for joints and ligaments, small amounts of estrogen increase libido. Also, estrogen helps to build more muscles and store glycogen, increases the sensitivity of cells to androgens, is useful for the liver and skin.


The higher the dihydrotestosterone, the more significant the androgen-related side effects will be. This is primarily an increase in skin greasiness and, as a result, acne.

It is also a decrease in timbre of the voice, increased growth of hair on the body, an increase in the size of the penis or clitoris, male pattern baldness (from the forehead to the back of the head). Androgenic activity of steroids helps the body to recover faster after exercise, improves the functioning of the nervous system.

All AAS, without exception, have an androgen-related side effect, since it is impossible to separate anabolic and androgenic activity.
Preparation mode

Before starting the first course, you need to choose a competent training program for yourself, organize the best diet and rest for yourself. It is also desirable to take a break from training 5-7 days. Or simply reduce the load so as to fully recover from the load that you had before the course. Since the first course, by definition, should not be strong, then you should not add much to the number of approaches and exercises in the training program.

All this is necessary to create conditions for the body when it can grow without steroids. Then even the minimum dosage of the lightest drugs will give a good return.

How often do you need to take oral and injectable steroids?


The liver continuously destroys the steroid hormones present in the blood, down to the simplest metabolites that are excreted in the urine. Therefore, if you do not introduce new portions, then their concentration will decrease. Different drugs are metabolized (destroyed) at different rates. And for its measurement using the concept of half-life.

The structure of testosterone

The half-life (or half-life) is the time during which the concentration of the drug in the blood is reduced by 2 times. That is, with the introduction of 100mg of the drug (with a half-life of 24 hours), after 24 hours only 50 mg will be in the blood. After 48-25 mg. After 3 days – 12.5 mg.

Thus, to maintain a uniform concentration, it is necessary to administer the drug 1 time for each half-life or more often.

Pure testosterone has a half-life of only about 10 minutes. This makes pure testosterone inconvenient to use. Since it would have to prick very often. And in the first minutes after administration, the concentration would be excessively high.

To change certain properties of the hormone (for example, testosterone) in its molecule make some changes: adding and / or disconnecting from it various molecules. At the same time without changing the steroid skeleton itself. The first goal of these changes is to increase the lifetime of the drug in the body or enhance the anabolic properties.

Half-life of injectable steroids

Esterification is used to solve this problem and create longer-lasting drugs. That is, the conversion of a steroid to an ester (salt) of an organic acid. The ester is soluble in oil and injected intramuscularly. When entering the blood, the ether passes through the liver, which detaches the base of the organic acid, and the drug enters the blood.

This process is rather slow, and the dose administered is distributed over a considerable period of time.

Thus, the esterification allows you to greatly increase the half-life and makes the drug more convenient to use. However, the effect of the drug itself does not change. That is, testosterone propionate and testosterone decanoate have exactly the same properties and effect. And differ only in half-life.

All products made in this way are intended for injectable use only.

Half-life of oral steroids

To create drugs suitable for use in the form of tablets, using a different method. The difficulty is that steroids in their pure form are not able to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, the enzymes destroy them instantly. In order that they do not break down there, a CH4 molecule is attached to the steroid molecule at position 17-a. This process is called alkylation, and the steroids obtained in this way are 17-a alkylated. Alkylation at 17-a enhances the anabolic properties of drugs.

All tableted preparations, except for parabolan, are 17-alkylated. Alkylated drugs are actively destroyed by the liver, and these drugs have a short half-life. 3-4 to 11-12 hours. The half-life varies greatly depending on how active your liver is. Accordingly, oral preparations require more frequent administration. This is usually 2-4 doses per day.

Despite the suitability of all 17-a alkylated preparations for oral administration, some of them are produced both in the form of tablets and in the form of suspensions (suspended crystals in water). For example, injectable methane or injectable stanozolol. Such suspensions act, as a rule, stronger than the oral form, and have a local effect. That is, they can stimulate stronger growth of muscle tissue at the site of administration. This is due to the creation there of a higher concentration of the active substance.


  1. Anabolic steroids are sex hormones modified to enhance their anabolic properties and prolong their action.
  2. Take steroids should be no less than 1 time per half-life.
  3. To extend the life of steroids, esterification or alkylation is used. Esterification – the conversion of a steroid into a salt, an ester of an organic acid. It does not change the action of the hormone on the body, but only stretches the release of the drug into the blood for a longer time. Alkylation is the addition of a CH4 molecule to a hormone molecule. It makes the drug suitable for oral administration. Alkylation at the 17th position enhances the anabolic effect of the drug.
  4. Steroid esters are a solution in oil for injections and, as a rule, last longer than the tablet form of anabolic steroids.